Why I quit LinkedIn

I tried to fit me into the profile options at LinkedIn. Today, I decided to quit trying. Then, someone asked me what I’d like better. I find that question kinda exciting! ^__^ So, here goes…

I’d enjoy, play with, participate in, appreciate a site with…

  • …a profile that welcomes concurrent projects, instead of being linear, like a 20th century resume.
  • …a focus on my passions as well as my experience.
  • …an easy way to include projects that are independent of company names.
  • …an awareness that I’m a person, not an employee.

If I were going to go into detail, I’d also want a clean interface and a customizable sidebar for blog posts and tweets. Lastly, I wish they’d drop all the groups and discussion stuff. This attempt by sites like facebook & LinkedIn to replace the web & keep conversations inside their box won’t work any better for them than they did for AOL. Relationships want to be free. 😀