About this blog

17 October 2010

I’m Angela Harms, and this is my personal blog. Right now, I’m into these things, roughly…

  • Agile software development. I’m an Agile and Scrum Master apprentice . Want to learn with me and/or teach me? Come visit myAgileEducation.com.
  • Programming. I’m learning Java & some other current development tools. It’s been a long time since I was (kinda) good at programming.
  • A spiritual path that includes some Zen, some Jesus, with sprinklings of things like NVC and Focusing. I tend toward what Buddhists sometimes call “greed, hate, and delusion” but I’ve also (finally) learned a thing or two about non-judgment, non-attachment, and compassion. Thank God! I need it.
  • Unschooling. I live in a family of explorers, and that definitely includes the grownups.

This blog includes posts from a bunch of old blogs. I’ve pulled in posts I thought worth keeping (and some not so much) from:

  • LifeLoveFood.com (a food blog I used to have)
  • Zaadz was a site for people on a spiritual path or something, and I had a blog there.
  • mySpace
  • Squidoo
  • Epinoia Cafe

Note to self: pull in stuff from hubpages and from writerseditingworkshop.com.