Transitioning: Escaping the diabetes monster

The Centers for Disease Control is reporting that in 2007, almost 25% of people 60 and over had diabetes. That’s one in four, and it’s climbing. And you know what? If you’re not 60 yet, you will be one day.

Diabetes isn’t the only problem. If you’re on the *path* toward diabetes, your body is suffering right now. You’re at increased risk for autoimmune problems and many of the diseases of modern life. Here’s an article about how Insulin affects your body. It’s long, but worth reading. If you want to get to the juicy parts, use “Find on this page” and look for “Insulin.”

So if you’re walking down the path with the rest of the people, the path that leads to diabetes and other illnesses produced by the collective choices we’re making, how can you veer off that path and on to a better one? Simple. Start making changes.

If you want to know why I refuse to eat white flour, white rice and sugar, check out that article on insulin. Diabetes runs in my family, and I know I’m at real risk for all the health effects. But what to eat instead?

I’m convinced that the best diet is competely natural, without refined sugar at all. And that maybe if I ate that way, the occasional honey wouldn’t hurt me. But for now…

I gave up aspertame (Nutra Sweet, and others) a few days ago. I’m convinced by what I’ve seen that it’s truly poison. I haven’t given up Splenda (sucralose) yet, though. I’m not completely convinced that it’s poison-I think the jury’s still out-but besides that, it’s a crutch. It’s *vital* that I not eat sugar, so I allow for the possibility of Splenda as a lesser evil. But transition is all about gradual improvements. I’m sure I’ll drop Splenda too, eventually.

What are your crutches? Your lesser evils?