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Swiss Chard with Morel Mushrooms

chardWe weren’t able to get a CSA this year ? none were close enough that we felt comfortable committing to biking the distance each week ? we did manage to get a garden planted. And that garden is producing Swiss Chard. (Or just Chard. I don’t know if it’s swiss or not.)

I didn’t know anything about chard until this. I mean, I’d heard of it, but I used to eat food that came in boxes, and Chard does not come in boxes. But now I have it growing out of the ground in my yard, and apparently it’s food, so what to do?

Well, I asked around, and a friend who is also just learning told me she learned how to make it from her friend. She described the method I’m about to tell you, and said they’d done it and sampled several different flavorings, like picante sauce, garlic, and lemon. I thought it would be good with the mushrooms we’d bought earlier, and I was right. It turned out great!

Of course, you could use a different kind of mushroom as well. I would have liked to have more mushroom in it… so maybe a less expensive one!

Swiss Chard with Morel Mushrooms

chard stemsWe picked a lot of Chard. When you cook down the leaves, they don’t take up much space, so you need a big handful for each person. After washing the leaves, we pulled the leafy part off the stems. Then chopped the stems into little slices that looked a little like celery slices.

saute chard stemsWe sauteed the chard stems in butter in the iron skillet ? that’s what the black is. I was nervous about the flavor (it’s pretty bitter when it’s raw!) so I kept tasting the sauteed stems. When they started to become clear, I added a bit of salt (not much) and tasted, and suddenly it was yummy. I knew then that it would go nicely with the murshrooms.

morelsThen we started chopping the mushrooms. I guess morels are usually sliced in half lengthwise, but I wanted the flavor to blend with the chard, so I sliced them in rings.

finished chard and morelsAnd here’s the finished product. It was a little bitter, but it was subtle. It was also very savory, and quite delicious. I’m looking forward to making more.