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There she goes again.

I think I already wrote a somewhat unfocused post on Zaadz about this, but it just won’t go away. Again I’m reminded how, when I’m really impressed with my growth, I realize that it doesn’t look much like growth from the outside. Here’s an example, probably way more confessional that I should post online. (Famous last words, huh?)

I lose track of my library books. I might have, considering the whole family, 20 books out at a time. And I do well until I get sick for a while, and then I lose track of everything, and when I’m feeling better, I can’t remember (or even find!) the books. When that happens, I end up with a huge fine, which I then have to deal with.

So when it happened last time, my thoughts were Hey! It’s been a really long time since this happened! That’s awesome. It gets less and less frequent. My husband, friend, parents, etc., though, say “there she goes again.” Which is the right approach?

I’ve tried hiding because I can’t count on myself. I’ve tried, for example, not taking out any more library books (or making any other commitments). It’s a horrible life! So I choose to move forward, to try again.

And to be honest, I think having areas to improve is delightful. Growth is what makes life such a treasure. (Good thing I enjoy it. I have a lot more coming.)

Anybody want to go for a good, long, bike-ride?