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Do you believe in God?

For my whole life, Christian friends have considered me an atheist, and atheist friends have considered me one of those silly religious people. It’s taken me decades to be comfortable where I am.

Which leads me to this question. Do you believe in God? A higher power? The Source of All? Your own higher self?

Folks tell me it isn’t right to use the word “God” for the ideas I want to express about sacredness. But I figure it’s time we reclaimed the word “God” from folks who think they’ve got “him” all figured out.

In my heart I know, I’ve always known, that God is more than a “person” we can define. If we are to take things like “infinite love” seriously, we have to discard lots of the definitions people have used to try to make sense of God since the beginning of written history. How could God become angry? How could God take sides in a conflict? How could God send people to Hell?

As it says in Conversations with God, “You’ve got Me all wrong.”