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Life and Love, or Just Food?

It’s been a long while since I wrote anything here. Local food, whole, real food made of actual living things was really easy to write about at first, but after a while it becomes something like the platonic image of mundane. I mean, is there anything less interesting to talk about than taking a walk and gathering plants, then bringing them home to eat them?

Not that the act is uninteresting. But it’s very visceral, very in-the-moment, and how much is there to say about it, really?

But mostly, I’ve been occupied by my ferocious?if floundering?pursuit of compassion. I am trying to figure out if I should talk here about things like

  • how NVC looks as an internal process
  • whether I can embrace non-judgment and yet retain discernment
  • whether I want to…
  • where ‘evaluation’ fits between judgement and discernment
  • whether I can really embrace everyone in my path, or
  • whether survival requires me to turn away from some folks’ pain
  • … and so much more.

That’s what’s on my mind, and keeping me from blogging about food.
The reasonable thing would be to keep focused on food. Be consistent, follow the Rules for Successful Blogging (or not!). Google will like me better. Readers will gradually increase, until some day I reach the pinnacle of success and someone buys the t-shirt.

Want to weigh in? Do you want more…


What it’s like to commute by bike, to live car-free, school-free, to raise compassionate, free teenage boys, surviving without paper towels?


Well, I already covered that… compassion. I’m obsessed.


Or maybe you just want to hear about real food? More recipes? More rants about high-fructose corn syrup? What to do with a 50lb bag of local wheat? How to learn to like beans?
What say you?