It’s not a political problem

Good people have been trying to end poverty, wage peace, protect the environment, support women, improve education and prevent disease forever. And things do get better. But the problems persist.

This is not how Humanity is meant to live. How is it possible that we pass someone on the street who is hungry and asking for our help, and we do nothing? How can it be that mothers will kiss their children goodbye and send them off to a place where they have to ask to use the restroom, where they are bullied and told what to think, and where there’s a definite chance someone will start shooting and they won’t be able to defend themselves? And shouldn’t it be unthinkable that we continue to drive (and yes, I do it too) when we know that the earth we call home is struggling to support us?

What about the folks who make their living lying to other people? The soldiers who follow orders knowing that they’re wrong? The cops who beat somebody up just because they can? Shouldn’t this be unthinkable?

I have a beautiful vision of what humanity can be. We can be loving, kind, forgiving, compassionate, joyful, and so many other things. But something is holding us back. Bezillions of non-profits can’t bring this vision to life. Politicians can’t either.

See, it’s not a political problem. It’s not an economic problem or a military problem. It’s a spiritual problem. We need better ideas about god and our place in the universe.

What we need is a new myth — a new set of ideas about who we are and what life is all about. We need a myth that will shows us our own divine nature, and that we are all one.


Once upon no time at all, in the place called Everywhere That Is, there was All That Is. All That Is was very powerful, maybe even omnipotent, since All That Is includes all the power that is. All That Is was a field of energy, with limitless potential and limitless power.

But All That Is wanted to experience what it was like to be all of these wonderful things. All That Is wanted something to matter. Literally, All That Is wanted something to matter, to become material. All That Is wanted to experience mass and gravity, light and peace, learning, and love.

The problem was this: how could All That Is experience light, when there was no darkness? How could All That Is experience learning, when All That Is already was, and so knew, All That Is?

All That Is, in Infinite Wisdom, knew what to do.

All That Is began to individuate, creating illusions of separateness, absence, and emptiness. These bits, these sparks of the divine fire, could be, could experience, and could even create, the amazing beauty that is already All That Is.

Great stars formed, burning with a bright fire. Smaller bodies formed, warmed by the stars, and on those smaller bodies, life took form. Life!

You and I have a vision of what life can be. We are part of the illusion, and we are also All That Is. We are sparks of the divine fire.

We are expressions of divine love, embodiment of divine creativity. We are the soul of the universe.

And more than anything, we are one.