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Getting the Words Right
by Theodore A. Rees Cheney

at Amazon.com
Getting the Words Right is full of detailed explanations of how revision can improve a piece of writing. I’m especially fond of the first section, Reduce. (For more on that topic, see my article, "Samurai Editing".)

"A merely good piece of description can be transformed into a memorable one by cutting away what disguises it."
T.R.A. Cheney
But the later sections, "Rearrange" and "Reword", are terrific as well, with plenty of concrete suggestions to make your writing shine. While some authors make recommendations that seem too vague to follow, Cheney doesn’t just tell writers to, for example, revise their word order. He tells how to do that, giving several examples of poor word order, and making clear just how and why he would revise them.
If you’re hoping to improve your writing, or just to understand what good editing is all about, this book will help. In fact, this book could put me out of business.

Angela Harms’ Writing and Editing Services

Can I see a sample of your work?

Sure! There is no charge, and you aren’t obligated to me in any way. <more…>

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How long will it take?

The time required will depend on my current workload, and on your needs. For business writing and editing, turn-around for one or two articles is usually a week, although that is negotiable. For novel-length edits, I normally schedule about 10,000 words per week for any one project. This helps me keep my sanity. If your needs don’t fit that schedule, send me an email. I can usually make other arrangements.

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How much will it cost?

Here are some sample rates. When you request your sample edit, or send me details of your project, I’ll give you a custom quote.

Business Editing $0.05-0.10/word depending on length and complexity. Minimum $40.
Copywriting $0.10-$0.25/word And up, depending on research required. Minimum $40.
Copy Editing $0.02-$0.03/word for manuscripts over 10,000 words
Substantive Editing $0.03-$0.05/word depending on how much work is needed

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Why so expensive? / Why so cheap?

Editing is expensive because it’s time-consuming, skilled work. I have seen a few less expensive editors (generally big companies that send the work out) and many who charge more. I set my prices at a level that I believe is fair and affordable. I would encourage you to learn about less expensive and more expensive editors, and decide what you think.

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Do you take credit cards? Payments?

I accept payments through PayPal, which allows you to pay with a major credit card, without requiring you to be a member of the PayPal service. You can also pay directly from your PayPal account, or send a check by mail. For large projects, I can accept weekly payments in advance, based on the editing schedule we work out.

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Please feel free to send me your questions. I’ll reply, and possibly use your question here or in an article. editor@angelaharms.com