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Business Writing and Editing Services

Much of the work I do is in copywriting and editing for business. The business owners I work with know that good writing—in plain language—is vital.

Copy Writing

Whether it’s brochure or website content or an article that you’ve promised, I can take your talking points or notes and turn them into an article you’ll feel good about.

Business Editing

My clients know that clean, clear writing is vital to the success of their business. I specialize in making your writing plain and clear. We also offer proofreading services, if you just want to be sure there are no errors in your finished materials. Here’s what my clients love about my editing service:

How can I help you?

I’d love to talk more about how I can help make your work-life easier. I hope you’ll drop me a line.

To learn more, please contact me directly. editor@angelaharms.com