Concussion and Fibromyalgia: Seven Months and Counting

Well, healing happens, yes, but maybe even slower than I realized. I only made it through a few Karate classes back in February, and haven’t been back since. I have had more slumps since then, including one, fairly recently.

Trek Sole Ride 100The good news is that I’m learning things. I think it’s taken me this long to get the big lesson through my head, the one about taking care of myself.

I thought I was getting it, but only recently have I really been able to set aside my obligations and go to bed if I need to, or even go sit by the river and watch the geese. In my old life, that would have counted as “wasting time” and “goofing off.” Now, sometimes it’s the only hope I have today of being well enough to work tomorrow.

So no Karate for now. My new love is my bike. And it hardly hurts at all to ride. 😉