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Why are gurus so weird?

Did you ever wonder why you’ll run across a spiritual teacher who clearly has genuine insight, and then as you get to know them you’ll find attachments and judgements that are almost shocking? I don’t know about you, but I’ve even wondered that about myself. I “get it,” and yet I find myself judging, becoming angry, defensive, being attached to crazy stuff. Why? Am I just expecting too much?

I was reading Robert Aiken recently, and found something that really gave me an “ah ha!” He was talking about a popular spiritual teacher, who he didn’t name. He said

His writings sparkle with genuine insight, yet something is awry… What went wrong here? I think he chose a short cut to teaching. My impression is that he underwent a genuine religious experience, but missed the vital, step-by-step training which in Zen Buddhist tradition comes after realization.

It makes so much sense! And now I’m remembering my karate teacher saying that the black belt means that you’re now ready to start training. Same idea, huh?