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Steel City Ruby 2013

I haven’t finished making work, but then I realized I could easily post stuff here. So here you go!

This is the list of things (that I expect to be) referenced in my talk at Steel City Ruby 2013. I might add links later. Until then, use your googles. 🙂

First, if you want more of the crazy stuff I said, going a little deeper: Coding in Community

And if you want a bracelet, please get in touch, & give me your address. I’m angela.harms on the gmails.

Now here’s all the things:

Alfie Kohn
Daniel Pink
Nicholas Negroponte
Marshall Rosenberg
(the spirit — not the method — of NVC)
Pema Ch?dron
Jalal al-Din Rumi
Brene Brown

If you haven’t tweeted at me, please do: @angelaharms. I love to hear from folks. Otherwise, I never know who I’ve talked to. That’s kinda weird!