Monthly Archives: May 2006

Public Service Announcement

I heard a PSA today that told me I should have a talk with my kids about how violence against women is wrong. Or maybe their father should have the talk. Either way, it makes no sense. Such a talk should be ridiculous.

My kids would never imagine that I’d condone any kind of violence against loved ones.

So, obviously, this PSA wasn’t aimed at me. Who was it aimed at, then? The families that beat their kids? If a parent hasn’t taught their kids that a home is a safe, loving place, how is a new lecture from those same parents going to teach them?

The explanation is pretty simple. The PSA is not intended to change anything. It’s just another of the subtle lies we live with. It’s a lullaby, with a hidden message: Don’t worry about how screwed up the world is. All you have to do is listen to PSAs. Everything’s under control.