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I meant to show y’all what the raw milk looks like when we get it. (Sorry for the bad picture!) This is a half-gallon jug, and most of the time there’s at least twice as much cream. But we ordered a bunch of milk, and got some of the lower fat stuff in addition to […]

Clean, Effective Articles and Exposition At the coffee shop where I like to work in the mornings, you can get whatever you want for breakfast, as long as it’s either a scramble, or an omelet. I tease them, “Can I choose which one?” See, in my house, you ask for an omelet, and you might […]

I was at the grocery store <shudder> today, and I saw this Eat Clean Cookbook. I picked it up because the title was intriguing. And you know what I found? Recipes made out of real food! Amazing.

I found this terrific cartoon on The Parenting Pit, an awesome blog about life with kids.

It’s easy to make peanut butter from scratch that your kids will like. You don’t need anything weird, just peanuts, honey and salt.

The Conspiracy Editors get a bad rap. When I meet someone new and mention that I’m an editor, I’m likely to get a suspicious look, as though I’m part of a conspiracy to make English too difficult to leave to amateurs.

Remember to always split infinitives. Well, ok, not always. But often. Whenever it works. We have this handed-down wisdom that says an infinitive, a verb of the “to form” — to walk, to amble, to mosey — must always be preserved intact. Rules like this cripple writing. Even the esteemed editors of the Chicago Manual […]