I’ve been thinking about whether I’m congruent—that is, the same person on twitter that I am in 4D (“meatspace”). I know that I use more colorful language in person than I do in twitter. (I’m about 68% in the “it’s just a word” camp, and 29% in the “why scare people, though?” camp. And 3% in the camp that’s sadly sometimes too mad to care, in the moment.) Plus, with closest friends, I’m also kinda… bawdry.

But while I occasionally tweet sadness, I don’t typically tweet in moments when I’m … well, being an ass. And I don’t tweet the kind of things I’ll say in a room full of adults. I can’t tell if this means I’m phony, or just choosing not to burden a bunch of people with my craziness. No, actually, I do know. It’s that I don’t want to be spreading pain via twitter. That’s not why I’m here.

Twitter debates, ftl.

Sometimes I find myself in one by accident, but I don’t intentionally get into debates on twitter. There are a few reasons.

  • It’s hard to understand nuances in 140 characters. Conversations can go in all sorts of directions over a single word, and miscommunication can be hard to correct.
  • I’m here to help people experience joy, and twitter debates can easily create a lot of pain.
  • Connection is more important to me than being right.

Doesn’t mean I don’t talk about things. Twitter helps me notice life’s richness, the gratitude I feel, the curiosity, even the sadness. So I let myself feel these things, and share them, and converse with other people.

So what, instead?

I’m thinking about this, partly because I’m tweeting a company account, and been thinking about what that means. I already know it means to show up as a real person and engage. But what do I want to talk about?


Or, to cut to it, what would I want to retweet? I’m thinking

  • events I or my friends are excited about
  • interesting questions & discussions that contribute to a body of knowledge
  • stuff that doesn’t depend on somebody being right and somebody else being wrong
  • funny things that aren’t funny at someone’s expense
  • stuff that strikes me as encouraging, but not preachy.

What’s your take on this? How transparent are you on Twitter? What kinds of tweets do you like reading?

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  1. Jesse says:

    Good post Angela. I think about this stuff a lot too, and for me, Twitter (and Facebook, blogging, etc.) is sort of a good “accountability” – to use a very religious sounding word. But really, if I don’t want it online, where it is etched into all history, I shouldn’t say it! (or tweet it)

    Sometimes I can take myself too seriously though (I know, really? Can you imagine? 😉 And so I try not to over analyze everything I do online, and just let it be a natural reflection of who I am at that moment.

    I especially agree with the “encouraging but not preachy.” There were some bloggers I followed on Twitter that seemed to just be “yelling” at me through 140 characters every day….it didn’t feel personal or genuine, it felt preachy. I stopped following them pretty quickly….

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