There’s no crying in karate.

Karate was quite hard today. I’d say “the hardest class ever” but I’ve used that too much already!

The warm-up exhausted me, really. Twenty minutes of jogging, pushups, situps, etc., plus drills on kicks from the floor. I had to take a break in the middle, and even after the break, I had to slow down a lot. That is, the class was kicking, and I went off to the side and paced. But what amazed me—after I’d felt so completely wiped out by the warmup—was that after a while I was able to come back and finish the class.

There were a few times during class when I had to work to keep from crying. But I managed, until the class was over and I was in the car. Then, about thirty seconds of stress-crying, and I was done.

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