No matter what?

Slept poorly last night. Woke up stiff, sore, unhappy. I was saying “this is it. I’ve reached the limit. I can’t do the class today.”

But then I remembered that I’d promised myself I’d go. If I am able to get into the car and transport myself to the Dojo, I will. Then, if I can’t do anything else, I’ll watch.

So I was scared, and tired, and sore. And I started going through the motions. When I looked at the clock, it had been a half-hour. I was going to make it!

Afterwards, I was plenty tired. But my spirits were lifted, like they always are.

It was definitely the hardest class yet. I think if I could make it through that class, I could do Karate no matter what, so it just renewed my intention to never miss a class (without a real reason).

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