Ghandi, Carl Rogers, and Anger

Damn. Damn, damn damn.

I wasn’t empathetic. I wasn’t loving. I wasn’t non-violent.

Soulmate and I got into a heated discussion with his parents. There’s a lot of hurt there, but instead of dealing with that, I responded to anger with anger, and to accusations with accusations. It’s been two days, and I’m still feeling the effects.

I’m really challenged by people who aren’t aware, who don’t practice NVC or some other form of, you know, awareness. Introspection, assertive loving. And I’m sad, because that part is really important to me. I want to be able to offer listening, assertive loving, and authenticity to people who are walking a different path from mine. I want to hold my peace and stay centered.

And I wonder if Carl Rogers ever felt this overwhelming, sickening adrenaline when someone was angry and yelling at him, and if he yelled back, forgetting everything he knew about their agency, their needs, and their divine nature.

I think I need some empathetic listening.

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