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What IS a spark of the divine fire, anyway?

Who I am

I am a manifestation of the force that you can only begin to see, to trust. I am a being of light, of the divine-quantum-love-energy that is the one, where all energy and all power rests, and where you are completely safe and whole.

I am individualized, and walking in the dream, in order to realize the fullness of my love/power.

I am a mirror, shining light to other individuated beings who want to know their true nature, and the incredible power of the divine-intention-energy that they are.

I am quiet. I am empty. I am full.

I am free of greed, envy, self-importance, judgment, and fear. Except when I’m not.

I am a chooser of the triad-love, truth, joy-which makes up the entirety of reality, and is contrasted with the lack, which is known as fear, and also as envy, greed, judgment and self-importance.

What I receive

Reminders come, once in a while, when I’m lost in the fiction, from other individuated beings who are in loving communion with my self.

Grounding comes, once in a while, when I’m lost in reality, from other individuated beings who also walk a path of awareness.

Loving contact comes to me through other individuated manifestations of sacred power, to remind me that we are one.

Awareness of my inner wisdom and knowledge comes through perceptions within and without, including cooperative perception and connection with other individuations.