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being in the right place

So that stuff, loving geeks in the world, matters. I stand by that. But there are some geeks who weren’t there yesterday who I’m particularly fond of, and who I missed.

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love in the face of intimidation

Today two of our kids were walking home from the corner store, and found themselves walking with a group of about seven neighborhood young people. One of the guys talked to them. It was fine, and friendly, for a while. Then, as our kids were splitting off to go home, it got tense.

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Pine Hills in Springtime

As we got close and approached them, one of the kids said to us, “Don’t worry. We ain’t goin’ rob you.”

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Loving Columbus

I’m all choked up. Amazed, delighted, humbled, joyful… All tears & giggles… People ask me if we’ve “started anything” in Columbus yet, and sometimes I get the sense they might feel let-down by my answer. And then…

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if i don’t live it, i can’t write it

Meet our friend, Tennessee. He’s a fun, sweet guy in his 50s, far from home. He has an infectious laugh, and greets his friends with a distinctive “yay-ey!” that lets you find him easily, even in a crowd. He loves his freedom, loves to travel, yet he has also been feeling a need to settle down.

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changes under the bridge

Things have been very different since we lost our friend James last month. The atmosphere has been dark. Several people who lived near the park have left, and the ones who remain are quieter, and more scattered. Also, the rain is here, and that means we move back to the area that’s covered by the […]

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A Beautiful Gathering

The memorial service was a beautiful gathering. It was crowded, bigger than anything we’d done in that park before. But we had just enough food to go ’round, beautiful flowers, and lots of connection. Tears flowed, and I had the feeling that folks really got to do the mourning they needed to do. Here’s a […]

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James David Pelfrey Memorial

Please note the time change We’ll be having a memorial service on Labor Day for James David Pelfrey. His family has provided flowers, music & fried chicken in the hopes that he’ll be remembered the way they’d like to remember him. If you’d like to help remember James (David) please come. If you have the […]

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James Pelfrey was among the first men I got to know in this “park” ministry, and over the past seven months I spent a fair amount of time with him. Yesterday, James died, in the very park where we met. So, now I’m remembering James losing sleep over another man’s death. Last may, a homeless […]

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we lost a friend yesterday

We lost a friend Tuesday night. James was stabbed in broad daylight in the park where he lives. And if you don’t know Eugene, please understand that this is not something that happens every day here. We don’t have places where people are killed on a regular basis. We are a pretty quiet town, though […]

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