Now I'm sore.

Today I went to help Sensei remodel one of the dojos. He had put up a sign asking for volunteers. I was surprised at how few had signed up to help.

Our culture says “I’ve hired you as a teacher, so it’s your job to provide me with a facility (dojo), and to provide me with training.” I’m told that traditional Japanese culture, and our dojo’s culture, says “thank you for being willing to share your wisdom with me. How can I ever repay you?” I like the latter approach. It feels right.

That said, I wasn’t planning to sign up. I didn’t think I could do anything helpful, because of my illness. By now, though, I’m beginning to feel much less weak, much more capable.

So today I climbed the stairs several times, climbed a ladder even more times, and used a heavy drill to screw in drywall screws.

I’m sore, but very happy.

Hey! Now I finally have that athletic soreness. Wonder if that means I’m getting better?

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