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The First Five Pages
by Noah Lukeman

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Noah Lukeman is a successful literary agent, with plenty of experience rejecting manuscripts. In The First Five Pages he shares that experience with the reader, giving good advice about how a manuscript can be improved in the revision process to make it more likely to be accepted. If you’re thinking of doing your own editing, read this first.

Manuscript Printing

In The First Five Pages, Noah Lukeman tells us how important it is to submit only a clean, well-formatted manuscript.

Often when a writer’s presentation is careless, his writing is too.—Noah Lukeman

Because this can be difficult for some people, I offer an optional print service (only for manuscripts I have edited).

If you email your manuscript to me in final form, I will send you a properly formatted, laser-printed paper copy (12 point Courier type, double-spaced, with one inch margins) for a small charge, plus postage. I will return it to you, and you can then make as many photocopies as you like at any copy shop.

I also ask for a printed copy at the beginning of the edit. However, it does not need to be “properly formatted,” laser printed, or even free of coffee stains. If you will have difficulty providing one, though, I will print the draft at a reduced rate.

For rates, see the Editing Services page.

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