A few weeks ago, I got a concussion by cleverly slamming my forehead against the edge of a shelf. It hit at an angle, across my left eye, the bridge of my nose and my right eyebrow. I think it happened because I was already a bit dizzy and uncoordinated due to a minor fibromyalgia flare.

Not especially interesting in itself, but what I found amazing was the discovery that the resulting symptoms mimic fibromyalgia, exactly! And apparently I’m not the first to notice this. Dr. Mary Lee Esty, in Neurotherapeutic Therapy and Fibromyalgia Using EEG-Based Stimulation suggests that Fibromyalgia is a brain dysfunction. She points out that problems relating to whiplash are “the result of the biomechanical forces of whiplash causing traumatic brain injury and its inevitable central nervous system dysfunction.” She also points out the whiplash, traumatic brain injury and fibromyalgia have an “almost complete overlap” of symptoms.

I haven’t been back to Karate yet. I’ve biked many miles, but not enough. I’ll consider this EEG stimulation at some point, but for now, I’ve got to get moving again.

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