Radical Love Project

being in the right place

So that stuff, loving geeks in the world, matters. I stand by that. But there are some geeks who weren’t there yesterday who I’m particularly fond of, and who I missed.

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Telling the Truth

I want to talk about telling the truth. About the nagging feeling of really needing to speak what’s on your mind, or tell somebody off. I want to talk about whether truth is always a good idea. truth/beauty/love I take the idea that God is love very seriously. I have this idea that we have […]

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Judgment and Discernment

Jesus advises us to avoid judging. Signing on to the judging way of life is not going to go in your favor, he tells us. In the opening to Matthew 7, The Message translates it like this: Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults— unless, of course, you want the same […]

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Who do we love? (Poster!)

Soon to be a poster and t-shirt! P.S. Here’s where you can buy the shirt! http://skreened.com/radicalloveproject

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connecting through curiosity

It seems risky to me, tagging some posts “how to love.” (This is the second, if you’re keeping track.) Preaching is not something I want to do, but talking about my favorite ideas is definitely something I want to do! I’m so excited about these ideas, and I haven’t quite figured out how to share […]

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love in the face of intimidation

Today two of our kids were walking home from the corner store, and found themselves walking with a group of about seven neighborhood young people. One of the guys talked to them. It was fine, and friendly, for a while. Then, as our kids were splitting off to go home, it got tense.

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Person Centered Loving

There are certain ways of seeing the world that I just find juicy, delightful, delicious […] this is about the power of love […] The thing is, I’m convinced it’s actually possible to love my neighbor, love my “enemies”. I actually believe it’s not just possible, but one of my favorite things, to love every person I have the opportunity to know. What do you think?

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Pine Hills in Springtime

As we got close and approached them, one of the kids said to us, “Don’t worry. We ain’t goin’ rob you.”

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Loving Columbus

I’m all choked up. Amazed, delighted, humbled, joyful… All tears & giggles… People ask me if we’ve “started anything” in Columbus yet, and sometimes I get the sense they might feel let-down by my answer. And then…

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radical love, Pine Hills style

“A big part of this,” Tracy tells me, “is about not insulating ourselves from our actual world.” It’s about opening our eyes and hearts to what is immediately around us.”

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