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Getting the Words Right
by Theodore A. Rees Cheney

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Getting the Words Right is full of detailed explanations of how revision can improve a piece of writing. I’m especially fond of the first section, Reduce. (For more on that topic, see my article, "Samurai Editing".)

"A merely good piece of description can be transformed into a memorable one by cutting away what disguises it."
T.R.A. Cheney
But the later sections, "Rearrange" and "Reword", are terrific as well, with plenty of concrete suggestions to make your writing shine. While some authors make recommendations that seem too vague to follow, Cheney doesn’t just tell writers to, for example, revise their word order. He tells how to do that, giving several examples of poor word order, and making clear just how and why he would revise them.
If you’re hoping to improve your writing, or just to understand what good editing is all about, this book will help. In fact, this book could put me out of business.

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Last updated 30 April, 2008

At work

"I appreciate… such a quick turnaround time… (You) were completely thorough and instructive."—Gary W.
I have been writing and editing for over 20 years. Resisting at first, I finally broke down and changed my major from Physics to Philosophy, and found writing to be much more fun than calculating.

"I want to thank you for the excellent job you did editing my book. The explanations you provided were clear, and very helpful. You made sure that every change we made is one I understand and agree with."—Fred W., Historical Fiction Writer, Reynoldsburg, Ohio
I am excited to be involved in a brand new indy press, Cornucopia Press, and am having a great time reading stacks and stacks of interesteing historical fiction from fresh voices, and publishing the best of them.

At home

"’The newsletter turned out great! Thanks!"
— M.S., Radio Sales Manager, Columbus, Ohio
I’m married to my best friend Tracy, and am the mother of four terrific boys, ranging in age from 2 to 17. We homeschool together, and they are my joy.

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Check out my articles about writing at Writers’ Editing Workshop. I envision that site becoming a forum as well, for writers to discuss their work, and offer suggestions to one another.

My personal blog, mostly about Karate and Fibromyalgia, isn’t updated anymore, but it’s still available for reading: Tenshi Mama.

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Please drop me a line, at editor@angelaharms.com.

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