What if every time
we choose love over fear
every time we let
every time we forgive

we add a thread
to the tapestry of reality

what if all those threads of love and grace
become the substance
that makes up
the universe?

What if they become

What if we
are creating

And what if time isn’t linear?
What if we created god
by the choices we made

What if the god
of our creation
is empowered
by our love
to be more than we can imagine?

What if that
can swoop back around
and scoop us up
and hold us
and teach us
and grace?

2 Comments on “A Heresy of Questions”

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  1. Pam Hogeweide says:

    That was effin’ amazing.

    Poetic, rather than heretical.

    Or perhaps, heretically poetic.

    What if every unloving act,word and deed pilled a thread out? What if we uncreated this god essence by our dark choices?

    This is beginning to sound like the plotline of LOST…!!!

    Great post. Love this imagery.

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    this reminds me of a lent worship practice we did where each Sunday people would add threads to a quilt board at the front of the sanctuary. the threads were different colors and textures and sizes and at Easter we had this beautiful montage/collage thing it was very beautiful

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