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Ho hum. I do Karate.

This is starting to feel pretty routine. Wake up sore, do class, feel exhausted and exhilarated.
I don’t seem to be heading for a flare. (Yay!) Fibromyalgia and CFS are still there, but things are better, overall. Plenty of naps seems to balance plenty of Karate.


Today started out well. I have been moving well, for instance, and doing basic household things, like picking something up off the floor, moving a box, etc.
But now I’m sore.
Not so worried about Karate. That seems to make me feel better, instead of worse. But I still wish my legs didn’t hurt so much. And […]

No matter what?

Slept poorly last night. Woke up stiff, sore, unhappy. I was saying “this is it. I’ve reached the limit. I can’t do the class today.”
But then I remembered that I’d promised myself I’d go. If I am able to get into the car and transport myself to the Dojo, I will. Then, if I can’t […]

Long naps

I’m back to taking long naps.
Karate takes maybe six hours out of every day that I do it. That’s 18 hours a week. But it’s worth it. On my non-Karate days, I can now make dinner, stay awake longer, and play with my kids. I stand straighter, and who knows? I may get strong enough […]

Workout soreness

Sensei asked me whether I was sore between classes, and I realized that while I’ve had pain during class, and fatigue after, I haven’t experienced any “athletic” soreness. None of that good kind I used to get when I was healthy, after a good workout.
I’m pushing hard, and I’m feeling it; I don’t know why […]

Standing tall

Didn’t know if I’d get through again today. But of course, I managed. Didn’t even have to sit down today. Took breaks standing up.
And my posture has changed. I just noticed, all of a sudden, that I’m taller. And it doesn’t hurt to hold myself up.


I will walk strong.
When I cannot walk,
I will stand.
When I cannot stand,
I will sit.
When I cannot sit,
I will lie down,
until I can
rise again.
When we’re working with our arms, I often have to stop, and let my shoulders rest. I also sit down, sometimes. But no matter what, I focus and watch.
They keep telling me that […]

No matter what

I’ve decided I should go, no matter how I feel. Today, I was more scared than I have been before. The pain when I woke up was strong, and I wondered—again—if I wouldn’t be able to do it today.
Of course, once we got there, I did it. I modified things to match my ability, sat […]

What’s “too much”?

I woke up again feeling stiff, as always, and I thought—again—that maybe I can’t do this. Then, when I got there, I did it.
And again, when it was over and I had rested (a lot) and showered, I felt great. I felt exhilarated.
If I’m going to hurt, I might as well hurt doing something that […]

I did it!

When I got up this morning, I didn’t think I could do it. But when I got there, I decided to try.
I made it through a whole Karate class.
When other people jumped, I stepped. When other people did ten punches, I did five. Sometimes, I just stopped moving. Still, it wasn’t as gentle—I wasn’t […]