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Famous Fat Lady does Karate

I’m famous.
I have a “lens” on called CFS or Fibromyalgia and Exercise? You have got to be kidding! and today I woke up to find it had some actual traffic. Some sleuthing told me that Seth Godin, the brain behind Squidoo, had mentioned it in his blog. And someone else mentioned Seth’s blog […]

I love my body!

It’s still fat, definitely. And it’s sore sometimes. But I have visible arm muscles! Visible leg muscles! And I can do amazing things: I can survive a karate class, walk through the grocery store, and I can pick up my beautiful baby. Oh, that is so, so wonderful.

There’s no crying in karate.

Karate was quite hard today. I’d say “the hardest class ever” but I’ve used that too much already!
The warm-up exhausted me, really. Twenty minutes of jogging, pushups, situps, etc., plus drills on kicks from the floor. I had to take a break in the middle, and even after the break, I had to slow down […]

Someone remind me…

Someone remind me why I’m doing this?
Today, I was weak. And I was in pain. And I thought that maybe this is a really stupid idea.
All of these people around me were working out, and I had to sit down and stretch. Why did I ever think I could do this? Fibromyalgia is just too […]

Laziness is another word for Fibromyalgia

So I promised myself I wouldn’t miss any classes because I was “too sore” or “too exhausted” or “dizzy” or any of those other Fibromyalgia things. I decided I did not need to take a “break” sometimes, that I would just do it. And that’s worked pretty well…
…until last week.
The dojo was closed on Monday […]

Now I'm sore.

Today I went to help Sensei remodel one of the dojos. He had put up a sign asking for volunteers. I was surprised at how few had signed up to help.
Our culture says “I’ve hired you as a teacher, so it’s your job to provide me with a facility (dojo), and to provide me with […]

Karate graduation!

Today was the end of my one-month beginners’ class, and now I am ready to join the regular class.
The regular class starts right after the beginners’ class ends, and, after a few minutes’ rest, I decided I wanted to do it, today. What was I thinking?!
Of course it was “too much.” This time I wasn’t […]

The day after

The Tuesday/Thursday class is in the evening, and it’s a good thing. I had plenty of time to decide whether to go to class tonight.
I went, and it wasn’t bad at all. Well, it was hard, but that’s good. I got to find out that I could still get through a hard class.
Have to remember […]

Uh oh.

Last week I did five classes, and all was fine. But today wasn’t so fine.
I want to say it was the hardest class yet, but I’ve said that too many times. It was really scary, though. I kept thinking, “maybe this is where I’m supposed to quit.” I wondered if I’d pass out. I wondered […]

Eight days a week!

My son wanted to do the Tuesday/Thursday class instead of M/W/F, so I drove him. Then, when I got there, I decided to do the class too.
Nothing to report. Same “it was hard.” Same “I sweat a lot.” Same “I did it!”
Can I do five days a week? I wonder!
I’ve started taping my arches. Seems […]