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I will walk strong.
When I cannot walk,
I will stand.
When I cannot stand,
I will sit.
When I cannot sit,
I will lie down,
until I can
rise again.
When we’re working with our arms, I often have to stop, and let my shoulders rest. I also sit down, sometimes. But no matter what, I focus and watch.
They keep telling me that […]

Mom, is it ever ok to lie?

My son and I have been talking about lies and truth lately. (No big shock there.) We had both concluded, independently, that we don’t like “white lies,” or, in fact, any lies at all, and that authenticity is really important to both of us.
Yesterday, he asked me whether there were any circumstances in which it […]

No matter what

I’ve decided I should go, no matter how I feel. Today, I was more scared than I have been before. The pain when I woke up was strong, and I wondered—again—if I wouldn’t be able to do it today.
Of course, once we got there, I did it. I modified things to match my ability, sat […]

What’s “too much”?

I woke up again feeling stiff, as always, and I thought—again—that maybe I can’t do this. Then, when I got there, I did it.
And again, when it was over and I had rested (a lot) and showered, I felt great. I felt exhilarated.
If I’m going to hurt, I might as well hurt doing something that […]

I did it!

When I got up this morning, I didn’t think I could do it. But when I got there, I decided to try.
I made it through a whole Karate class.
When other people jumped, I stepped. When other people did ten punches, I did five. Sometimes, I just stopped moving. Still, it wasn’t as gentle—I wasn’t […]

I’m insane

I’m going to do it. Karate. I must be insane.

My son’s karate class

R__ started his Karate class today. I was watching, and I wanted so much to join the class. Sitting on the bench, I followed along part of the time. I even stood up for a bit.
After class, the instructor came and told me that for mother’s day, the dojo was offering moms the first month […]