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This TED talk really made my jaw hit the floor. You may not know this about me, but… my life has been rough. I don’t mean I’m a victim. I mean I’ve been unhappy. Like 20-years-on-Prozac unhappy. (And other meds too.) I sought peace, not as a researcher, like this woman, but as a desperate […]

There’s this guy, Chris Rosebrough, who has been preaching (loudly) that there’s something wrong with GLBT people. He apparently has a radio show, where he talks about what he calls love (but looks nothing like love to me). I don’t want LGBT kids to be convinced they’re hated by God, or that there’s something wrong […]

Despite the following very sweet quote, please get ready to join me in hacking through the bullshit, and talking about how to pull off this “no blame” thing when somebody screws up… Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there. — Rumi If you haven’t read part […]

I am interested in putting together an unconference following the openspace format. Wanna play? (By play, I mean come, or help create it, or ???) So far, in my mind, it looks like this: HUMAN::CONTACT unconference for exploring technologies of compassion The topic I’d like to focus on is “technologies of compassion”. That is, ways […]

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there. — Rumi When I first ran across the Retrospective Prime Directive, I was excited. It gave me hope that there were folks who’d found a way to do business without relying on blame. In my experience, blame gets in […]

Apparently I’m on a poetry kick. There is poetry clawing at the inside of my skull, or pecking, hoping to crack me open so it can escape. But I gird myself with reminisces and meta. This is by Billy Collins, one of my favorite poets. Introduction to Poetry I ask them to take a poem […]

The Step-Mother Speaks Today my son cried for the first time about you leaving. My son-our son- has always said he understands. He’s always said he was ok. “Ok” without warm arms around him for so long.”Ok” without a warm breast to lie on. You are “cool.” You’re his “really good friend.” And he’s said […]

(For Tracy, around 2006) An earthquake shook my shoes on Saturday night, and my hat. It was centered, I am told, nine miles below that first kiss, at Burnside and Thirty-first. Nine miles seems far, but the roots I pulled up to get to this place were planted thirty times as far from that kiss, […]