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I’m liking Jesus better all the time. At least, I’m liking the Jesus that’s forming in my mind. Once I got a clear understanding of love… It’s what holds everything together, and it’s the everything too!     — Rumi …I began to have an easier time seeing the light in stories about Jesus. Especially the stories […]

I am trying to really get it. I know-we all know, by now-that our intention is very powerful. All we have to do is focus, pay attention, and anything we choose is ours. But there’s the problem: what do we choose? I’ve talked to folks who’ve just been exposed to ideas like the ones in […]

A few months ago, I wrote what may turn out to be my last poem. There’s a part of me that that would love to put together more words, this time to tell you how we are one, how you and I are a universe, all by ourselves, a singularity that split itself in two […]