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I just read these words from Tobias Mayer, and wanted to share them. “So how do I see Agile? I see it as one stepping stone (a particularly beautiful one) on a great journey towards a business world that is more caring, loving, respectful and altogether more joyous.” — Tobias Mayer Read the rest of […]

Agile isn’t about bucking up and pretending things are working when they aren’t. It’s not about acting perfect and unflappable, but it is about finding ways to see clearly and act out of curiousity and joy, rather than out of fear. Many years ago, I was at home, learning with my little unschoolers, when I […]

I tried to fit me into the profile options at LinkedIn. Today, I decided to quit trying. Then, someone asked me what I’d like better. I find that question kinda exciting! ^__^ So, here goes… I’d enjoy, play with, participate in, appreciate a site with… …a profile that welcomes concurrent projects, instead of being linear, […]