Monthly Archives: July 2007

Grounding myself

I neglected our community garden space this week, because we’ve had some rain, and some cooler weather, so I figured it didn’t need me. When I got there, I discovered that rain not only waters the plants we planted there, but also the weeds. It’s a very green, very weedy garden!

But there’s plenty of food growing, and I got some, as usual. Delicious strawberries, onions, carrots…

But that’s not what I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about how I keep making big mistakes in life, and it seems like the more I learn, the more new mistakes I make.

I’ve been working on learning to give myself a break when I need it. I grew up with the idea that tiredness is simply laziness with an excuse attached. It’s only recently that I learned that I actually get more energy by resting. And yet, I continue to push too hard. It’s a struggle every single day to remember to take care of myself.

And then, I am working on eating my wonderful CSA vegetables, and it’s terrific, delightful. Then one day I find I’m too busy to cook, and I eat some drive-through crap. Then, it gets to be a habit again, and suddenly I realized that I haven’t had decent food in a week.

It seems that I have to learn every lesson about 1000 times before it starts to stick.

And speaking of learning lessons, right now I’m going to work on the lesson about turning off the computer and spending some quiet time with family before I go to sleep. How about you?