Monthly Archives: May 2007

Who is this person?

I made a new friend recently. He’s a delightful fella, a steward, a spark of the divine fire (as are you). When he walked me to my car, he made a special effort to check out my bumper-stickers. “Who is this person?” was his explanation.

He found bumper-stickers relating to my kids’ sports (was it bmx or track?) and my martial arts, and one I got at the local poetry slam. But he didn’t find the answer to his question.

The stickers are all mundane, because I’ve never found one that got the important thangs just right. And do I really want my message to be stuck to the back of a machine that is, shall we say, not a completely positive view to the future? (In orther words, I have to get rid of that thing, because driving it doesn’t feel wonderful. It feels like a compromise with the devil.)

But I have been thinking over the past few days about what a bumper-sticker that was about who I am would say. The only thing I’ve been able to settle on is a pair of them.

[ I am a spark of the divine fire. ]? ? ? [ So are you. ]

Guess I’ll add some cafe-press work to my long list of things to do.