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When I’ve asked “but how do I love my neighbors—my enemies—as myself?” I’ve been told it’s not really possible; Jesus didn’t really mean that… I wasn’t convinced. You have probably heard by now that the Radical Love Project isn’t just about service. At the core, it’s about following love wherever it leads us. It’s about […]

Shane Claiborne wrote recently about the “emergent church”. He says it’s “a very confusing trend within the contemporary renewal happening in the Church.” I was sad reading his piece, and a little frustrated. He misses so much of what I hold dear about the emergent Christianity. Misses it entirely. Emergence is how the world works […]

In Christian Zen, author William Johnston relates this conversation he had with his Zen teacher. “I’m doing what you, I suppose, would call ‘gedo Zen.’” “Very good! Very good! Many Christians do that. But what precisely do you mean by ‘gedo Zen’?” “I mean that I am sitting silently in the presence of God without […]

I’m finding I don’t much care about what did or didn’t “actually happen.” The lesson I’m learning from this Good Friday is that some things are more important than staying alive, more important than self-protection. What’s real is love, and love doesn’t die.