Monthly Archives: March 2007

How do you know?

I recently discovered Oso Delicioso,* which looks like a particularly pretty drive-up coffee kiosk, but is actually more of a real kitchen, with local, organic food! How cool is that?

My friend (who had been on the lookout for places that serve local, organic food, especially affordable ones) said she wasn’t interested because she’s avoiding fast food. And this got me thinking.

They do serve food to people in cars, and they do use paper wrappers and plastic cups. (Though I’m guessing they’d use whatever dishes I brought with me.) What else might Oso Delicioso have in common with McDonald’s? Is this fast-food in the ways that count?

* * *

When I mention talking with God, people ask “How do you know it’s God? How do you know it’s not your imagination? How do you know it’s not of the devil?”

First, my imagination is a direct link to Godsource, if I let it be. Why would God need to speak in a booming voice or from a burning bush, if I’m listening? Imagination is one of the most amazing things in the entire world. Wouldn’t it be a perfect vehicle for God’s communication?

As for whether what I’m hearing is truly God, or some evil spirit or my mundane speculations instead, here is how I know. Only our highest thoughts come from God. Only our grandest visions, our purest feelings. God-Oneness cannot be expressed as other than truth, joy and love. If it’s fear, it’s not god. If it’s deceitful, it’s not god. Judgemental, sorrowful, separate, it’s not god.

See how easy that is?

* * *

So I was thinking about fast food, and whether Oso Delicioso would count, and what I realized is that the reason I don’t want to go to McDonald’s is that it’s not made with love.

I want to eat food grown and collected with love, prepared with love, served with love.

If we get that part right, the rest will follow.

And now, I’m off to get a stuffed biscuit, made with organic flour and local eggs. 🙂
*Oso Delicioso is in Eugene, Oregon, where W. 6th and W. 7th connect.